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Why calling on micro influence?

Our thousands of nano and micro influencers are ready to create content in order to introduce your brand to their community.


Specialized micro influencers have an average engagement rate of 7% to 15% against 1% to 2% for macro influencers. Their messages are authentic and their community trusts them more.


Micro influence creates a closer, more lasting relationship with their community than macro influence.


Micro influence is more accesible and profitable than advertising campaings. It offers a performance up to 5 times superior to macro influence campaigns with the same budget.

Decrease risks

Micro influence decreases the risk of bad buzz and avoids ad blockers so your messages are spread more effectively.

How can I increase my awareness?

Set your influence marketing strategy

Define in detail your message: a new product? A distinguishing service? An offer?
Indicate the specific message you want to transmit.

Specify your target: age, genre, interests, or even location: reach your target clients.

Diffuse your collaboration with our Skwad ambassadors

Activate thousands of nano and micro influencers sharing the interests of your brand with their community.

Make a post on social media

Spread your message to your target client.

The most relevant micro-influencers will seize on your message to create content and distribute it on their social media.

Mentionning your account and your most popular hashtags will increase your visibility and fame on social media.

Determine the return on investment of your influence campaign.

Find the results of your micro influence campaign on your reporting. We add all the most relevant KPIs as well as the highest-performance contents.

Statistiques campagne et mission

Case study : Knorr

Our goal: to make the promotion of the stock cubes Knorr Halal.

The means: generate lots of of posts with micro-influencers highlighting products and sharing family recipes.

Study case de la campagne marque Knorr en collaboration des avec influenceurs

Brand Awareness is the solution to develop my brand.

They trust us

Discover the brands that work with us.

Discover our clients' testimonials.

“With Skwad, we have changed our external service provider that leads our influence marketing campaigns.
We got better results at a lower cost!
Suitable profiles / High-quality and reusable content / audience growth…
Bonus: a responsive and attentive team
We have renewed our partnership for the second year”.

Unilever, Tiphany

“The Skwad solution has allowed us for already 2 years to activate lots of content creators quickly and effectively,
and also gain in reputation on very specific subjects.
This service is very complete: influencer identification / profile management (legal framing and remuneration included) / moderation of each content / data reporting…”

La Région Occitanie, Ludovic

“Including Skwad in our actions of influence marketing, specially for our nano and micro influence campaigns management, has allowed us to save a lot of time and energy.
This solution offers a host of features, including the ability to instantly activate relevant, local profiles. The results are very positive.”

Canal+ logo
Canal +, Sandrine

How to work with
local micro influencers?

Generate drive-to-store in your stores

Whether on Instagram, TikTok or Facebook, turn your visitors into influencers for your brand.

Explore Shop & Share

Send a catchment area

Nano and micro-influencers are the best placed to reach your customers in a specific area.

Explore the local collabs