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I am delighted and very happy to be part of skwad. Thanks to you and your campaigns, my time on social media is profitable.
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Finally an application that gives everyone a chance, including small accounts. It allows you to make super cool collabs. The application is very well done, complete and hyper intuitive.
@kakie_twin Micro-influencer
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I discovered Skwad through a friend, and I took this great opportunity to discover local collaborations and get paid to share them with my followers!
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I was impressed with Skwad's results! I was able to collaborate with brands and get paid generously and easily.
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My experience with Skwad was great! I even regret not having started the adventure sooner! It's quick and easy to participate in campaigns
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The platform is interesting and thanks to it I was able to develop my Instagram a little more and earn money. The contact with Skwad is very human.
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Skwad's Commitment to Environmental Advocacy

At Skwad, we hold dear values of mutual support and sharing. That’s why we’ve chosen to donate 1% of our revenue to organizations dedicated to preserving the planet for future generations.

Furthermore, we provide you with the opportunity to contribute a portion of your earnings to various environmental associations such as WWF, Ocean Protection, and the Saint Pierre Foundation.

Our aim is to support meaningful projects while encouraging our community to get involved in causes close to their hearts.

Ocean Protection

Ocean Protection is an eco-ethical organization with a primary mission: safeguarding our seas and oceans. ince 2018, this association has been dedicated to combating the plasticization of our marine environments.

World Wildlife Fund

Since 1973, WWF has been dedicated to conserving nature and biodiversity, working to protect animal and plant species, preserve natural habitats, and promote sustainable lifestyles.

24 hours Saint Pierre

Whether with your company, your family, or your friends, join in on three challenges benefiting children who are sick or have disabilities. There’s a festive challenge, a sports challenge, and a charitable challenge. Together, let’s dare to make a difference for children during the 24 Hours Saint Pierre event! Skwad secured the 2nd place in the 2023 Grand Terre et Mer Challenge.   


1% For The Planet

Established in 2002, 1% For The Planet encourages businesses to make a commitment by donating 1% of their annual revenue to nonprofit organizations dedicated to environmental preservation.

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